Well, Vitamin C is supposed to be one of the major vitamins that are essential for your body. So, why is vitamin C needed? We all know that vitamin and minerals fight against diseases. All you need to do is, increase your immunity by following good healthy diets so that no diseases will enter your body. The main root cause for diseases is lifestyle. It seems that it is necessary for you to sleep for at least 8 hours a day but nowadays, we hardly sleep for 6 hrs because of tight schedules. Make sure that you eat and sleep at the right time. Stay with us to know more about which fruit has more vitamin c than an orange.


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It seems that kiwi fruit contains double the amount of vitamin c that is present in orange. Just that we are not familiar with this fruit. It is available across all the retail shops and it is a little expensive. For all those who workout, Kiwi fruit is advisable.


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Pineapple is supposed to be one of the best fruits that you shouldn’t miss eating. Many of us don’t feel like eating it raw. For those, pineapple juice goes well. It might taste bitter without sugar but it is always good to drink it without sugar. Now that Natural Ice Cream has one of the best ice cream stores in India, they have fruit flavors. Pineapple is one among them. Give it a try! It will also help your Gastro-Intestinal tract moving.


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Papaya seeds have amazing health benefits. We don’t usually eat the seeds but only after you know the benefits, you will understand. It will help your immunity boosts and it is good to improve your immunity through naturally available fruits and vegetables. As mentioned earlier, it is recommended for those who workout. Doctors advise that it is good to eat after lunch or dinner.

I, Hope the blog has worked on providing health benefits and also about which fruit has more vitamin c than an orange. Stay connected to us for more such sections and thanks for reading.

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