I love homemade chocolate and making little decorative easy chocolates from scratch.

It’s a fun activity and the chocolates taste so good!

The best part is that you can make homemade chocolates quickly too without much effort!

Wonder how?

Of course, I will always enjoy some good quality commercially available chocolates, especially those Swiss, French and Belgian ones.

We grew up with chocolate, its everywhere in Europe!

My favorite chocolate is the dark 70% bitter chocolate and the dark chocolate with Chill or with Pistachios.

I had made those chocolates in the picture for my grandfather and of course my father.

Little homemade chocolate make a great gift and produce endless smiles!

How to make Homemade Chocolate from scratch?

To make Homemade Chocolate from scratch is not difficult.

You will need three major things to make chocolates easily at home:

  • Quality cooking chocolate: Dark/bitter chocolate, milk chocolate and/or white chocolate
  • little chocolate molds (see ideas below)
  • decoration such as crushed nuts, sprinkles, coconut flakes, chili flakes

I am sharing 5 different versions of easy homemade chocolate recipes much further below, so that you get the idea what you can make.

Basically you can be creative in the chocolate making process and the best thing is that it won’t take much effort or knowledge.

Should I temper my chocolate and what is tempering?

Tempering chocolate is a technique where chocolate is heated to a precise temperature and cooled again, just so that the chocolate has a flawless look and sound to it.

That means tempered chocolate is shiny and produces a crisp snap when biting into it.

Chocolate that has not been tempered looks dull and has a waxy white spotted layer.

So, while tempering chocolate sounds like an extra step and complicated science, it is actually not and you should do it if you want your chocolates to look great as a gift.

Basically, as a rule of thumb, try to always use only quality chocolate.

That already reduces the chances that the chocolate gets that waxy dull look.

Next, what you need to do is melt 2/3 of the chocolate in a double boiler/Bain Marie, while stirring frequently so that no bits are left, and then add the rest of the chocolate to melt and reduce the temperature, so that at the end your chocolate reaches the temperature of 31 Celsius/88 Fahrenheit.

At that point it would make sense to use a food thermometer.

That’s all that there is to tempering chocolate.

Afterward, simply pour the molten tempered chocolate directly into the molds before it hardens or gets further heated.

Easy Homemade Chocolate Recipe

What molds to use to make homemade chocolates?

Try to use flexible molds, to make your life easier when taking the chocolates out of the shapes.

Pick whichever shape you like.

You can choose shapes according to the season such as for Christmas, Easter, Halloween or to celebrate a birthday.

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