The majority of people love ice cream and now that you can create your own, what better way to end a meal, satisfy a craving for something sweet or to cool off on a hot summer’s day. You can create a huge number of flavor combinations and if you are the type of person who wants to watch the calories, then you can even use your ice cream maker to make variations of ice cream like dairy or sugar-free ice cream, sorbet or even frozen yogurt.

Create new and already loved recipes for your family to remember for years to come with our list of top ten best ice cream makers and you’ll wonder how you’ve ever coped without one

1.Cuisinart ICE-70

To make two quarts of ice cream or alternatively gelato, frozen yogurt or sorbet, then take a look at using this ice cream maker. It has an effective paddle within which decreases the wait you have for your ice cream. Use the easy to read LCD screen to control your ice cream maker, change the settings and set the timer.

This intelligent machine will turn itself off automatically if you are otherwise engaged when the ice cream maker process has been completed. Add your ingredients into the ice cream maker in a mess and danger-free way by introducing them through the spout and be sure to use the included measuring cup so that you can get precise quantities and delicious results.

We like the Cuisinart ICE-70 ice cream maker because of the speed and preciseness at which it creates delicious frozen treats.

Why We Like It
  • Make ice cream in 20mins
  • Gelato, frozen yogurt or sorbet, too
  • Effective paddle speeds up creation
  • LCD screen, spout, measurer
  • Automatic switch off

2.Cuisinart ICE-100

Count down for sixty minutes with the visible timer on this ice cream maker so that you know exactly when your next batch of ice cream is ready for taste testing. This Cuisinart ICE-100 has the same type of compressor as a commercial style machine which means that it has good technique and is able to replicate a traditional tasting ice cream for you within the comfort of your own kitchen.

Choose between two styles of paddles so that you can make gelato or super creamy ice cream. Use the blue LCD screen to set your ice cream maker appropriately and rest assured that you have ten minutes where your ice cream maker will automatically keep your ice cream or gelato perfectly cool.

We like the Cuisinart ICE-100 because it automatically counts down the length of time you have remaining until your ice cream or gelato is ready for eating.

Why We Like It
  • Make ice cream in 60mins
  • Suitable for ice cream or gelato
  • Two different paddles
  • Blue LCD screen
  • 10 mins cool time

3.Hamilton Beach 68330N

This quick acting, large capacity ice cream maker is ideal for bigger families or parties. It can easily create up to 4 quarts of ice cream in a maximum of 40 minutes. You can create a wide array of cold treats using this ice cream maker including gelato, sherbet, custard and frozen yogurt with very little effort. Simply add the ingredients you need and this clever ice cream maker starts work.

It will stop churning when your dessert of choice is ready, completely automatic in doing so. Prevent spills or accidents by using the easy-lock lid and wash really simply by hand. If you’re stuck for ideas or want new desserts to create, take a look in the free recipe guide that comes with this innovative ice cream maker.

We like the Hamilton Beach 68330N because there are so many different desserts options you’ll never be stuck for something to serve up to your family or friends.

Why We Like It
  • 4 quarts in 40 minutes
  • Makes many different things
  • Automatic switch off
  • Easy-lock lid, hand washable
  • Free recipe book included

4.Cuisinart ICE-30R

Smart in aesthetic and smart in its uses, this ice cream maker can make two quarts of ice cream in just 25 minutes. Its eye-catching design is of red and brushed metal and is incredibly simple to use. Create sorbet and frozen yogurt with this clever, compact ice cream maker. With its heavy-duty motor, you can also create cold drinks of your choice as well.

If you want to mix in more ingredients as your ice cream maker is working, simply use the spout so that your ice cream maker does not have to be disturbed from its churning process. This automated ice cream maker has a double-insulated freezer bowl to conserve the freezing process and automated paddle – it’s simple!

We like the Cuisinart ICE-30R ice cream maker because it is double insulated so keeps your ice cream frozen for longer and is fast in its production.

Why We Like It
  • Makes 2 quarts of ice cream
  • Completes churning in 25 minutes
  • Ice cream, sorbet, frozen yogurt
  • Ingredient spout, automated paddle
  • Double insulated freezer bowl
2 quarts
Freezing Time
25 mins
10.5 x 10.88 x 16 Inches

5.Nostalgia ICMP400WD

If you are of the opinion that the traditional approach makes the best ice cream, then you will love this ice cream maker. Replicating the old fashioned milk churns, you can make many different flavors of ice cream using the specific kits provided for this machine, use the recipes provided, or create your own flavors. Make 4 quarts in a maximum of 30 minutes ensuring everyone’s satisfied.

This is an easy to use, easy to clean ice cream maker requiring absolutely no manual labor from you, and has a transparent lid so that you can store any remaining ice cream and motor lock to ensure that all parts of the ice cream maker are kept in place.

We like the Nostalgia ICMP400WD because it promotes the traditional approach to ice cream making in our modern world and does so in such a delicious way.

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