Are Cornstarch Bad For You ?

Cornstarch is probably one of the ingredients used in many of the food items or products that is available in the market today. It is derived totally from corn, from the white endosperm which is located in the heart of the corn kernel. The endosperm is then grounded in to fine powder and that’s how corn starch is derived. But you might have heard people saying cornstarch bad for you?

Where Is Corn Starch Used?

Corn starch are used because it enhances the texture and richness in food products. Commonly they are used while baking of cakes and cookies, thickener in soup or even as batters in foods.

  • As Thickening Agents

Cornstarch is used as thickening agents while preparing of soup and broths. They are known to provide extra thickness, usually, they have a sweet taste. When you prepare soup or broth you can add two or three tables soon to enhance the flavors and obtain a creamy texture.

  • As Batter

Cornstarch can be used as batters specially when making fries and other crisps items. It can act as replacement for refined flours. It not only enhances the taste of the food items but also gives light and perfect textures.

  • Food Substitute In Baking

It can be used in baking cakes and cookies as it can act as a replacement for refined flours which is full of gluten as cornstarch are gluten-free, while some people might debate that cornstarch bad for you and might for other alternatives like almond flour, organic wheat flours, etc. But cornstarch can give you amazing volumes, firmness, and moisture.

Safety Of Cornstarch

It is hotly debated topics in the 21st-century food industry , while famous chefs choose to stick with on using cornstarch while food and health warriors debate on removing from the  market. It is true it provides no actual nutrients and vitamins as it is still considered as a food that are empty calories. The empty calories food makes you gain excessive weights which could lead to fat gain and obesity among individuals.


The foods that we consumed today like cakes, cookies, fries , soups contains amounts of cornstarch in it. While it’s up to you to control your consumption of sugary items as cornstarch bad for you is a myth but anything more is always harmful